Friday, 1 January 2016

Updated Black Moral collection post! 1 Jan 2016

So uh. I really suck at blogging. XD I never really got around to blogging about that Tokyo trip, did I...

It's the first day of the New Year (2016), so I fiiinally got around to taking photos of my Black Moral collection! *A* I mean, if you're on this blog, it's pretty obvious to tell that I love the GazettE ^^" and I am a band merch whore, so yeah :D I'll reserve my non-merch gaze items for another time~

....also yes I noted that the photos on my old posts on this blog are all gone XD that's what happens when I c+p image links from Facebook. meh. I'm too lazy to replace all the links...

anyway. on to the photos...
(I didn't tag the photos with my name because I think it's ugly, so I'd really appreciate no one stealing them even w/o my username ^^" I'd recognise them anyway...)

Black Moral bear key rings / usagi umbrella / bearbricks
Black Moral Tour T-Shirts
Black Moral / the GazettE parkas/hoodies/pullovers
Black Moral boston bags / purses / carry bags
Black Moral shopping bags / towels / studded slippers
Black Moral wallets / iPhone cases / pouches 
Black Moral tumblers / mugs / coin pouch / iPhone sticker 
Black Moral hair ties / scrunchies
Black Moral hooded towel / Heresy member privileges gifts / Aoi & Uruha member produce goods (13th Budokan)! I'm missing Kai's pasta sauce here, it's somewhere in my kitchen and already half-used for pasta... XD
Black Moral / the GazettE Rad Market carry on luggage
the GazettE luggage tag!

and also I recently got the GEMCERY x the GazettE music box that plays PLEDGE! <3 It's so pretty ;_;
That's it for now, I think! :D *snorts* until the GazettE release more goods in February and in subsequent tours, that is. XD

Peace out~