Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pretty Japanese Lingerie ♡ + Updates over the Holidays

Wow. Okay. I haven't updated this blog in ages. I got lazy over the holidays, sorry T___T

So. Just gonna do a quick update.

Went out today & got some pretty lingerie! I'm so happy ;~;;; It's from Rosebullet (313 Somerset/Orchard Central outlet) and I was so surprised to see that they had a lingerie section! I definitely had to get myself a pair~

So pretty! I couldn't decide between the pink color or the turquoise color at first, but I already had pink colored lingerie back at home & I hadn't had one this color yet. This pastel turquoise color reminds me of the ocean & the sea & mermaids & just... everything peaceful and sweet and calm and -- aaaah. I'm so in love! The panties are beyond adorable. They're so thin and have hint of frills and aaaa. The lace is so pretty.

I'm in love~ I can now pretend to be a mermaid.

Here's a (rather sad) selfie from me, lmao. Some plans of mine that would have been happening really soon just got set back and I'm still really upset about it. At the end of the day, they're just superficial plans, but they made me so happy just thinking about it. It didn't help that my best friend was in on it too, and needless to say I felt so bad disappointing her. I miss her so much.

I went out with Hannah yesterday to catch Annabelle (the horror movie) -- it was... well. I expected more because my other friends who had already watched it said it was scary as heck, but it turned out to be quite okay. Me and Hannah were acting like pussies though, lmao. Hiding behind her jacket and screaming/crying out at every jumpscare. We're hopeless.

Check out Hannah's new rad pink hair!
We got to eat Swensons and catch up, so there's that. I missed her so much. Also it seems she's been pretty flirty and drunk lately, hmmm. Haaannnaaaahhhh. Stop flirting with boys ah ahahaha

This was what I wore out to meet her --

BlackMoral MELT shirt + Leather H&M skirt + BM Decade Scrunchie!
Over the holidays (other than going back to school for silly workshops with my poly friends about career & university preparations) I also got to catch up with my other friends that I haven't seen in so long! Other than Niko, I see her alot. Ahahaha.
Jo, Me, Cheryl, Niko!
We just sat there, ate Mcdonalds takeaway, and watched funny Korean variety shows. It was fun.

Um. More selfies from me~

Been bothering to put on more eyeliner lately. It makes me feel pretty, so there's no harm~

So! Remember I talked about showing the Japanese students from Tokyo around? That was pretty fun! And ridiculous -- it made me realise how poor my Japanese was ahaha.

This was my outfit for that day! I decided to take out a tote bag from a Japanese magazine & hang my pink BM bear on it. I think it matched pretty well~
Me and the Japanese students! With Hanna and Niko who were there with me to guide them :)
Hanna, me, Niko!

After the Japanese interaction, I went off to Changi to attend Sarah's chalet (and stay over) with the rest of rpg group :D Here's a polaroid of us at the chalet!

I was the first one to fall asleep -- but in my defence, I had had a long day all the way from 9am, and also the rest stayed up watching movies until 4-5am? And I was soooo dead beat. T___T

On 24th September it was my mum's birthday so my dad brought me and my mum out to do some facial and manicure :) Here are my nails (and they are still perfectly intact now! Gel nails are amazing)

Did Gel nails for the first time! They're more silver than blue in real life.

I was also so happy and surprised to receive a lovely postcard from Marielle all the way from her new place at Colardo Springs! She's always so thoughtful and always thinking of me, I love her so much.

I just wish I could meet her again soon. Uuuugh. She recently also got married, I'm so happy for her! <3

Alright, that's it for my uninteresting & boring life. I spend most of my days watching tv dramas & re-reading SnK & Kuro & fanfiction ahahaha.

See you next time~ School is starting again next week (more approximately 2 days) and I'm not looking forward to it. :(

Black Moral Collection Updates

I did say I was going to receive more BlackMoral in the mail! :D Sorry for the slow update, I've already received these in the mail over a month ago and I'm only updating now -___-

MELT shirt + 2 シュシュ hair tie scrunchies + BM ギレ heterodoxy gilet & venomous cell boston bag
I'm really happy with them! I've wanted the VC bag for a considerable amount of time (I deliberated a looong time because I wasn't sure) but I got it anyway. It's so pretty with the print! Even if I don't want it, I'll just sell it off to a better owner~ It's very big and useful! Good for taking to lives~

I don't like tying my hair up, but I like using scrunchies as bracelets around my wrist. The BM scrunchies are too cute! I love them. I think they're from the Decade? :)

I wasn't too sure if I should get the gilet - it's not anything flashy, just pure black gilet with blackmoral as the tag - but they were being sold at a discounted price (they're usually more expensive) and I've always liked the gilet fashion.

The MELT shirt was another nice one to add to my shirt collection~

BlackMoral T-shirt collection so far:

Not going to bother listing out each T-Shirt's era/tour because it'd be quite a mouthful... and I already provided some of that in this other post, anyway.

Updated BlackMoral bags/wallets/accessories/towels
Um. I wonder if it's a good time to say that I just recently bought another old BM shirt online -__- .......Yes my addiction needs to be fixed. :~D I love it! When I receive it I'll defo post pics.

I should have a definite tag on my blog or something for all my black moral updates -___-

Also, recently HERESY sent me a gift for my membership renewal :)

HERESY's gift to members who renewed their membership! A the GazettE ticket holder!
Of course my first additions would be MELT's tickets :)
I hope I can add more tickets to this collection soon~ <3

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bite-sized updates.

I'll be staying over at Sarah's chalet with the RPG group tomorrow night <3

I'll also be attending the Japanese students interaction thing tomorrow~ Hope I don't embarrass myself. Busy day tomorrow ;~;;

Just did my nails, I wanted to make them silver with glitter but I ran out of silver nail polish~ So I made them pink instead. I'm disappointed in my choices I thought I was more punk rock than this, lolol. Flashback to past me where I was all girly and bimbotic <3

Also, painting my nails after a very long time just reminded me why I hate painting nails lol. I always make such a mess :/

O.P.I Pink + Glitter nails against my Hello Kitty bling phone case!
I tried waxing my legs for the first time today with Veet Waxing Strips, but despite the good reviews I saw that they had online, they didn't work very well for me >< I ended up having to shave my legs again and accidentally cut myself because the wax wouldn't remove properly. I now have a band-aid on my leh boohoo :(

Here's a quick selfie from me, anyway ahahaha

I got these two beanies a week back! ^^ To add to my beanie collection~

I love wearing beanies lately, they help me cover my black roots lol :/ I don't wanna dye my hair just yet~ Might try going for a more violet-ish red next time round! Perhaps sometime in october :D

Anyway, hopefully my next blog post will be with more photos and things to say.

Till next time <3

Friday, 5 September 2014

Just a quick update since I'm organising my closet.

I'm organising my clothes and finally hanging up my recent purchases and here are a few photos of my Black Moral shirts & hoodies <3

I splurged on a some gazette merch today so hopefully I'll be receiving them in the mail soon! I'll update with new photos of my BM collection when I get them~

I'm such a bandwhore @___@

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Holiday Resolutions, Cantonese, MOF Briefing

So today the main event of the day was to return to school to attend a MOF briefing (by The Christeara Programme)~ It's a student conference trip-like thing where you travel to places like New York, Denmark, Australia etc to learn more about their politics/environment/society there and yes, it's as smart and challenging as it sounds like lol.

I went to attend the briefing because Rebecca, Kylie, Amelia and Audrey were also interested in it. Tbh I wasn't really keen on it because politics are not my area of interest and I'm not so big on attending interviews and lying through my teeth about volunteer work and stuff, yeah :/

I would love to do volunteer work like the TCP Empowerment camp I attended once though - the kind where you go into deep sharing sessions about how to strive to be a better you in life and putting the past behind you and just becoming a new person. It really helped me when I was going through a bad self esteem phase at that time and I cried everyday I was in that camp, lol. I really want to help others like that. I want to reach out to youths like myself and tell them that everything's going to be okay because I made through what seemed like the darkest part of my life and made it out okay.

And even now, sometimes I find myself struggling without faith but then I just have to remember that I'm always overworrying and stressing myself out - especially on things that definitely need not be stressed over. Traits of an INFJ I guess @__@ But yeah, I would love to do volunteer work like that. So far I haven't had an opportunity to do so but!!! Hopefully in the near future.

I was actually planning to work during these holidays but then I thought it over and I really wanna do something enriching with it~

So here are some plans. Resolutions!

  • Wardrobe sale! I will clear out my wardrobe again and sell the ones I never wore / rarely wear! I might put them up on this space or on eBay or somewhere, idk :D I just have to figure out how to efficiently weigh them and gauge the shipping fees first >< I know I have a shit TON of clothes to sell, though.
  • I will (hopefully) get some guitar lessons! I haven't had any formal lessons and I stopped touching my guitar this year bc lack of practice / time and I forgot how to play all of it again. Anyway self-teaching clearly isn't working for me because very little is coming out of it, lol. I just wanna start all over again~ I don't want professional lessons though! I just wanna learn how to play simple Taylor Swift songs :p
  • Cantonese! I really want to pick up this language (or dialect, if you so have it). I'm a Cantonese myself and I really want to be able to speak it, because my dad speaks it and his family speaks it and my mother understands it, so >< I really want to be able to be more in touch with my roots & be more fluent in more languages~ The past few days I've been spending time learning the basics and making a notebook for it, though. I hope from here on I can only improve! I ((attempted)) to talk to my parents in Cantonese today and they passed me a handful of Hong Kong dramas and were like, go watch it, you'll improve faster, lololol.
  • Japanese! I finished my third semester learning it and I'll be starting my fourth next semester~ I really want to improve on it in my own time! I really want to be fluent in Japanese~
  • Speaking of which, me and Niko just recently signed up for a Japanese interaction session on the 9th of September! :D Next, next week! We'll be interacting with a bunch of Japanese students coming from Tokyo I think? and it'll be so much fun. Well, I convinced Niko anyways lol. It'll be a whole day program thing, so :0 I can't wait! Gonna communicate with them in my limited Japanese and hopefully improve on it by the day's end~ And maybe find a few Gazette fans, maybe, kekeke >>
  • Kind of a random thing, but I've been thinking a lot about improving my Chinese vocabulary as well... I'm Chinese so obviously I already know how to speak the language, but I've stopped lessons for it years ago and I'm just so scared that me using English more often these days is making me lose touch with my mother tongue :/ I feel like getting a ton of Chinese vocab handbooks or assessments for fun, lol. I really want to be fluent in many languages, see~
  • So I got Rebecca and Amelia to sign up with me for a Career/Resume Preparation Workshop kinda thing on the 15th of Oct, just because I feel like I need to do more things during this otherwise mundane holiday >>
  • Also, meet ups with lots of my friends that I usually don't have time to meet up with T___T I miss them all so much
  • I have a bunch of tumblr likes saved that include lots of make-up tutorials, hair tutorials, etc. I think one of my main goals currently is to improve on my fashion style and make-up (I feel like getting back into make-up >>) and being more gyaru-oriented like I used to be. I miss being pretty~
These are the few I can come up with now! I'm pretty sure I have a ton more :D

Also the past week I've been reading up a lot on studying in Japan because I really want to be able to do that after graduating Mass Communications in 2015... I would love to just be able to study in Japan for a year in a language school because that's the fastest way to brush up on your Japanese and just bask in their culture and everything all at the same time, right?! Plus of course it'd give me easy access to their fashion and... jrock concerts >> No surprise there. I'd really love for it to happen, but I don't really see any available scholarships for Japanese language schools (for Singapore) and the ones that are provided are related to studying in universities (the monbukagakusho scholarship) which means I have take entrance exams which are English / Japanese / Math for the humanities side. I'm fine with taking Eng and Jap ones, but I'm not so sure about Math :/ Math has always been my achilles' heel, though I'm certain I can do average in it if I study for it -- but. I haven't touched it in what seems to be two years now, and I'm studying Mass Communications (completely literary and English). So I doubt I'd do well in getting that scholarship (plus I heard the math exam for that was hard!)

Funding a year on your own to study in Japan is hard because last I checked, dormitory + language school would cost around 20k at least. Then you'd have to factor in your plane tix, your everyday expenses, your eating/shopping etcetc and at this rate I doubt I'd even be able to enjoy life there when I'm busy counting how much money I can afford to spend per day????!??!! lmao. I figured I'd have to get a job first and work and save to study for a year there, but then that means one year passed where I could have been studying :/ And I would really love to study things that I like rather than work tbh.

So all these googling eventually just made me roll my eyes and turn my thoughts away and just concentrate on the fact that I'm going to Japan next year in March for Gaze's live~ Plans are already made, I just need for Gazette's live dates to be announced -__- But yeah, defo going to Japan then. And for two weeks at least!

I really hate thinking about the future, and I hate thinking about all my inadequacies and this and that and how I might not get what I want :( I just want to be able to do what I love and study what I want when I'm young and live a fulfilling life, you know >>

But yes. Anyway, it's late and I need to sleep and I'll probably study more Cantonese tomorrow~

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

S.E.A Aquarium

lmao so I went out with RPG group to the S.E.A Aquarium today! It was a fun experience. I don't think I've ever been there before, and even if I did I don't know if it's the same aquarium lol. Anyway I've been to my fair share of aquariums so xDD;; they all look the same to me, oops.

Anyway, met up with these lovely ladies at HarbourFront to head off to the aquarium :3 They had a 1 for 1 ticket sale thing going on thus why we grabbed opportunity to go there on this fateful day~

But first, my #ootd ehehe

My #ootd for the day! I've been aching to wear out a monochrome look forever~ Also the filter I put on this photo makes my hair ombre so much clearer and it's gr8 ;~;
I love the way my hair falls in this photo~
Black Moral shoulder bag + Circle Sunglasses + Sephora Lipstick
And now, on to the photos of the actual "excursion" we had! :3

(Photos all courtesy of Audrey, who says I illegally distribute her photos lololol)

Us on the travellator being nuisances
This photo makes me want to kms because... horrible 13 year old flashbacks of when we used to do shit like this AHAHAHA 
So firstly when we entered the gates of the aquarium, we passed by this ship-trading-thing-exhibit. We ended up going for a typhoon experience!!! lololol we basically sat on this platform with bench seats and just... watched... the screen. Meanwhile Rebecca and the rest were busy shipping the guys in the screen/ship, thx. Anyway we got water splashed on us ahahaha fun times

Ship before the shipwreck, basically
Giraffes and Rhinos and stuff. They stored it all in the ship!!!
Look at us being so fascinated by the shipwreck...
Cute starfish
...Which Audrey later edited into this
They later went to touch the marine life and stuff but I didn't want to ahahaha I'm a wuss ;~;;;
Colorful colorful
We also saw dolphins which were the cutest thing ;~;; They were putting on a show on the other side and being fed by paid audiences 
We also saw a ton of jellyfishes and Audrey says this one looks like me because of my hair -__-
Eventually we reached the really huge aquarium with creepy/fantasy-like music playing in the BG!
We just stayed there for ages lol. And they ended up making a whole High School AU out of the fishes in the aquarium -__- "Imagine the fishes all in highschool and having cliques" wtf. Also there was this manta ray who kept backflipping... non-stop... consecutively for us... wtf

Us watching the fishes ;~;; I love this photo
Rebecca's reaction face that I will use in response to every situation from now on
Me under the spotlight pretending to be mysterious lol
selfies in the dark w/ Audrey~
my lipstick looks demonic here lol
We found this really pretty fish T___T
Me looking at a shark lol
With the group! 
My own iPhone shot of the aquarium :3
Later on we stopped at Candylicious on our way home and the rest got some candy~

Turquoise/purple/green/pink/grey colored (and more!) M&Ms!
That's all for today, much jokes were made and it was a happy day <3