Wednesday, 27 August 2014

S.E.A Aquarium

lmao so I went out with RPG group to the S.E.A Aquarium today! It was a fun experience. I don't think I've ever been there before, and even if I did I don't know if it's the same aquarium lol. Anyway I've been to my fair share of aquariums so xDD;; they all look the same to me, oops.

Anyway, met up with these lovely ladies at HarbourFront to head off to the aquarium :3 They had a 1 for 1 ticket sale thing going on thus why we grabbed opportunity to go there on this fateful day~

But first, my #ootd ehehe

My #ootd for the day! I've been aching to wear out a monochrome look forever~ Also the filter I put on this photo makes my hair ombre so much clearer and it's gr8 ;~;
I love the way my hair falls in this photo~
Black Moral shoulder bag + Circle Sunglasses + Sephora Lipstick
And now, on to the photos of the actual "excursion" we had! :3

(Photos all courtesy of Audrey, who says I illegally distribute her photos lololol)

Us on the travellator being nuisances
This photo makes me want to kms because... horrible 13 year old flashbacks of when we used to do shit like this AHAHAHA 
So firstly when we entered the gates of the aquarium, we passed by this ship-trading-thing-exhibit. We ended up going for a typhoon experience!!! lololol we basically sat on this platform with bench seats and just... watched... the screen. Meanwhile Rebecca and the rest were busy shipping the guys in the screen/ship, thx. Anyway we got water splashed on us ahahaha fun times

Ship before the shipwreck, basically
Giraffes and Rhinos and stuff. They stored it all in the ship!!!
Look at us being so fascinated by the shipwreck...
Cute starfish
...Which Audrey later edited into this
They later went to touch the marine life and stuff but I didn't want to ahahaha I'm a wuss ;~;;;
Colorful colorful
We also saw dolphins which were the cutest thing ;~;; They were putting on a show on the other side and being fed by paid audiences 
We also saw a ton of jellyfishes and Audrey says this one looks like me because of my hair -__-
Eventually we reached the really huge aquarium with creepy/fantasy-like music playing in the BG!
We just stayed there for ages lol. And they ended up making a whole High School AU out of the fishes in the aquarium -__- "Imagine the fishes all in highschool and having cliques" wtf. Also there was this manta ray who kept backflipping... non-stop... consecutively for us... wtf

Us watching the fishes ;~;; I love this photo
Rebecca's reaction face that I will use in response to every situation from now on
Me under the spotlight pretending to be mysterious lol
selfies in the dark w/ Audrey~
my lipstick looks demonic here lol
We found this really pretty fish T___T
Me looking at a shark lol
With the group! 
My own iPhone shot of the aquarium :3
Later on we stopped at Candylicious on our way home and the rest got some candy~

Turquoise/purple/green/pink/grey colored (and more!) M&Ms!
That's all for today, much jokes were made and it was a happy day <3

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

End of PR exam! D'Good Cafe + El Patio

Today I finally finished the Public Relations exam!!!! YESSSSS.

Truth be told I couldn't arsed to study it very much in-depth because it is one of the most boring modules ever (ask anyone in Mass Comm and they'll tell you the same), but I'm glad I still forced myself to study it lol. The exam went... fine, I guess. Not too worried about it~  I think I made mistakes here and there but hey, what's life without mistakes right, ahahaha. I hope I'll do fine anyways!

Anyway, this marks the end of half of my Year 2. Just one more semester and then I'll be in my final year of Mass Comm! Time is passing too fast.

Here's my look for today. Yeah, yeah, generic outfit, whatever :~D

I love cropped tops. Half my wardrobe is probably full of them lol

Crop top: H&M
Denim jeans: Denizen
Boots: Espirit
I went out after the exam with RPG group (Audrey, Amelia, Kylie, Rebecca, Sarah, Beth) again and Ky brought us out to D'Good Cafe at Holland Village! It was my first time there because I don't go very much to cafes, despite that being the teenager trend these days lol. I find cafes too expensive and not worth it in my opinion ;~;;; Also maybe because I'm biased and I love Swensons restaurant's pasta the best ehehehe. But yeah, I don't mind going out every now and then to cafes with friends~

I had a Meatball Linguine pasta thing that costed $15.50~
A Chocolate Mousse cake that costed $8 which I shared with Rebecca. It was good (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
The cafe's food was pricey to me tbh (to be expected of cafes lol) and the pasta was average. The cake was good but... cake for 8 bucks ahahaha... Oh well, it was a good experience :D

After that Kylie reaaaally wanted to go drinking so Amelia googled up some places near Holland V and we went to El Patio, a Mexican restaurant and wine bar. (Disclaimer: I don't drink!)

El Patio at Holland V
I love the graffiti on the wall!
The place El Patio was at was among a whole street of other restaurants and wine bars, so we had lots of choices to choose from lol. Apparently El Patio had a $7 special for margaritas though, so Ky wanted to get that.

So yeah, basically everyone ended up buying drinks except me because I'm a noob, I'm broke and I don't like drinking alcohol content stuff lol. Rebecca ended up going crazy after a few sips of her drink, whaaat. Ky drank until her whole face got red ;~;;; Everyone was still sane though. Except Rebecca, wtf.

Anyway, it was a great experience? I guess? Even though I sat out and was drinking and eating nothing but water lololol. Apparently they wanna drink again during Sarah's chalet on the 9th and 10th of Sep, but mehhh. 

Going out again tomorrow with these girls to S.E.A Aquarium (it'll be my first time there I suppose!) and I expect more adventures to occur~

Friday, 22 August 2014

End Of Comiss Exam!

Today was the end of Comiss (Communication Issues) exam! Just one more annoying exam to go and that's Public Relations on Tuesday, lol. -__-

I'm relatively relieved it went well; the questions weren't too difficult as anticipated. And my days of struggling to study (more out of laziness lol but yeah I'm glad I studied them well) did not go to waste~

I'm hoping I get more than an A for this module, since my current grade for the module is already an A >< But yeah, hoping for the best!!!!! Comiss was enjoyable this semester :)

Me and RPG group (Audrey, Rebecca, Amelia, Kylie, Beth, Sarah) went to have lunch at KFC after the paper ehehehe. Spending time with them is always loveee (✿´‿`)

I also wore one of my new Black Moral shirts out today, the NLSB ~Melting Dog~ shirt ehehehe <3

The day before I went to attend a meeting in school with Audrey and Becca. We went to meet with Mr Siew discussing about the SG50 project we were doing :~) More details later when it's done! (If it ever will at the rate we're progressing lol)

Another BM shirt whoops <3~ My Barbie beanie is from Forever21 :D
Anyway, updates later. Gotta study PR for Tuesday ;~;;;;

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Loot from the PSC fair on Sunday + previous Black Moral collection~

Well, seeing as I'm a huge fan of the GazettE, I started seriously collecting their merchandise early last year~ It's funny, because I've been a fan of them since 2009 and I was never too interested in their merch thinking it wasn't to my taste (in my defence, I was seriously in love with lolita and gyaru fashion back then and Liz Lisa was my go-to Japanese fashion brand lol) needless to say I have a ton of lolita and gyaru fashion clothes rotting in my wardrobe now :/ Speaking of that I should find a way to sell those off now that the holidays are coming up. I've been thinking of putting them on eBay but since I live in Singapore I don't know if international shipping will be too expensive >>

And they're too expensive to be sold at a flea market, so I'm at a loss :'D

But anyways, back to my Black Moral collection. I guess I got really into buying their merchandise when I finally attended their 11th anniversary concert (MELT) and discovered the beauty of BM lol. From then on I was hooked.

Last Sunday there was a PSC fair at Tower Records Shibuya and I found out about it on the starting day itself -__- I saw tweets about it on my twitter timeline, with them posting photos of old Gazette shirts on sale, and was like !!!!! I AM NEVER GOING TO GET THIS CHANCE EVER AGAIN ;; Lol I check online regularly for gazette sales and here they are, having a fair. If I had been in Japan then there is no telling how much I would have spent at the fair itself. >> Unfortunately, I wasn't at the fair. BUT. I LINEd my good friend Benj immediately and she was like, "I'm heading to Harajuku today! Shibuya's right next door, I can just head over." I was soooo happy and thankful omfg. I asked her to get me the two decompo beauty shirts I wanted and any more if they still had any other pretty BM shirts. It was so hard to buy over LINE lmfao I was so excited and screaming at her the whole time (so sorry Benj D:) but yeah, I managed to get some old gazette goods! Brand new too! So happy!

Here is my loot:

Items I got from the PSC fair last Sunday <3! It came with a little PSC pmokun folder :’) 

shirts are from tours:
  • [gama] the underground red cockroach FINAL 

I love them so much! They even had the old BM stickers on their wrappers and labelled each shirt's tour on a white label. So nice >> I still can't bear to throw the wrappers away, lol. For anyone curious, two of the shirts cost 3,068 yen and three of the shirts cost 3,600yen. I think they kept to the original price of the shirts from before, but I can't be sure because the GazettE shirts cost like a bomb now lol. But yeah, I'm guessing in their early days it was cheaper? I was hoping to also be able to get heterodoxy shirts eg the CRUCIFY SIXX one, but ;~;; oh well. Some of these shirts were also the very last in stock! Especially the DECOMPO BEAUTI white one, which made me so so soo thankful .-. I wanted that shirt so much and the one time I managed to find it on sale, it was going to cost me a bomb.

I didn't get the NLSB Melting Dog shirt from the PSC fair, though. I got that from Closet Child about a week back.

Here was my Black Moral collection before the PSC loot:

Black Moral T-Shirt Collection
From top left to bottom right
  • God Save The Heresy FC shirt 
  • the GazettE Black Rules FC shirt 
  • the GazettE Groan of Diplosomia parka hoodie 
  • WACK shirt from MELT final
  • RAD patterned shirt from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour 
  • RAD tweety raglan from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour 
  • red checkered long-sleeved outerwear from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour 

Black Moral Teddy Collection
I laid this out on my the GazettE bath towel from DECADE ^^

Top row: two MADHEAD 10thAnniversary be@rbrick from DECADE final

Bottom row (bear keyholders ベアキーホルダー)
  • pink bear from VENOMOUS CELL tour
  • golden rabbit & bear (i'm not sure what tour this is from, but i think it's TOKYO DOME)
  • pink patterned + black cross patterned bear from MELT final
  • galaxy bear + retro bear from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour
  • leopard bear from CODA final
  • bizzare pattern (?) bear and black sparkly bear from NAMELESS LIBERTY DISORDER HEAVEN tour
Black Moral Assorted Items
From left to right:
  • black/gold shoulder bag from NAMELESS LIBERTY DISORDER HEAVEN tour
  • TAKE ME/homme&femme black case from MELT final
  • stainless steel bottle from MELT final
  • iPhone sound stick things (?) from MELT final
  • WACK towel from MELT final
  • iPhone pastel casing from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour
  • pastel lipgloss holder (with lipgloss inside) from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour
  • black wallet from MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX tour
  • + lastly the two shopping bags from NLDH tour and MELT final

okay, that was a handful to type... 

I should probably take an updated photo of my gazette shirt collection now ;~;; 

yeah, totally don't want to think about how much money I've wasted on Black Moral so far :D but to be honest, buying merch from my favourite band has made it all the more fun now lmao. I love wearing their items out (makes me so proud to be a fan!) and practically almost everything I use is BM?!?!?! Been searching for a good BM bag, though, I'm hoping in their new releases there will be one suitable for me~

Here's a photo of me wearing my the GazettE hoodie ^^

I love this hoodie the most, lol I have so much stories about me buying BM items. I wanted to get it from japan-discoveries at first but it was selling at a really overpriced price that I was so reluctant to pay for. I kept putting my purchase off until this hoodie finally went out of sale and I was like.... WHAT. WHAT. So I thought I lost all hope -- until the GazettE Europe/South America tour happened. I don't live there and it's too far for me to travel to since I'm in Asia and all, but I have friends there who I thought could get it for me. BUT OOPS. NOPE. It got sold out before their turn. :")

I eventually got to purchase this online this year, thank god~ It was again, overpriced, but nah I didn't care anymore. I love this hoodie too much to not own it. :@

That's all for today, wtf I typed so much.

PS: If you want to sell old gazette merch (shirts and teddies especially) that I don't already own, if you message me about it there is a 99.9999% chance I will buy it from you lol

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Eeep. New banner. I'm trying to start blogging again, which I'm pretty sure will 99% fail, but yeah >> Let's give this a go! Woohoo.

Anyway, I was looking through my old photos again (to create a new banner, the old one was lame as heck I almost puked) and oh my god. I miss my old hair!!!!! Also, there's also the fact that I'm pretty much studying designing and serious with all my designing work in school and yet I make all these crappy banners for my blog/online lol. What am I even.

Back on topic. My hair and make-up was on point during my time in Japan, let's be real~

I miss my pink hair so much too!!!! I wish I had it longer/again :((( My short hair also made me feel so spunky, which was good. But I doubt I'll chop my long hair off anytime soon now (I grew it long again over the span of almost a year, okay >>) so... yeah all I can do is admire my old photos -__- Sometimes I can't even recognise myself wtf.

And here's my hair recently dyed at Jason&Sally's for the Alice Nine live in Singapore~

I only ever do make effort to put on make up/look nice for lives, which is ironic, considering they always make me sweaty all after...

So... this was basically a hair post. Again. I keep making hair posts. I'm boring, I know. 

<3 Sally

Monday, 30 June 2014


Ugh, today is back to school again, after the nice two week break -___-

Here's my #ootd for the first day back at school!

My red hair blends right into the wallpaper lol. I love my galaxy maxi flowy skirt!
Audrey, me, Rebecca, Amelia, Kylie, Sarah, Beth. Don't we look like a rom-com F.R.I.E.N.D.S poster? lololol
It's always nice to go back to school with friends you can trust and enjoy in <3

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Alice Nine Live at Singapore 28.6 Supernova Symphonia

I was so excited for this live! It's been too long since I have been at a jrock live and I was really looking forward to this one :3 I love the spontaneity and the enthusiasm and the feel of jrock lives aaah and all the fangirls and merch and ;~;;; man, I just love the air and atmosphere of it.

I wasn't sure how to feel about a jrock live in Singapore (and there are definitely differences) but it was just nice to bask in it again for awhile ^^

Alice Nine has been to Singapore to perform for 3 times now (if I'm not wrong?) but I missed the previous two times because of busyness and schedules always clashing >< Niko went to see them the first time without me (though I was planning to go with her) in 2010 at Sundown Fest I think? ;~; Anyway, now we finally got the opportunity to watch them together. When I first saw they were holding an Asia tour and one of their stops were going to be here, I asked Niko if she wanted to go again (I'm not that big of an A9 fan, but I did listen to them in the past <3) and she was like "YESSSS IT'S A MUST!" So we bought tickets, heh~ We got the Standard ones though, not the VIP. For many reasons. XDD;;

Anyway, I got my hair dyed a week ago for the live! For some reason I'm super dedicated to looking nice at lives -__-
I got my hair done at Jason&Sally's in Singapore. No bleaching!
Back to my infamous red hair that I had when I first saw Gaze live, eheheh <3

Me and Niko waited for awhile under the hot melting sun to enter the livehall ><

But here's a selfie to make up for it all <3

Me and Niko in the queue
Me and Chris (voxteiru)!
I also saw Kimberly, asked me to pass these 2 tickets to her friends~ They got hard copy tickets 'cause they won them in a contest! :// Meanwhile us normal ticket holders had no solid copy and had measly QR codes instead. Bummer.

Alice Nine tickets. My legs photobombing them lol
Apparently a ton of other people that I know online also saw me at the live but said they were too shy to say hello :( Don't be scared of me please I'm the one that's supposed to be scared ahahaha

Because standard ticket holders enter the livehouse later than the VIP holders (due to photoshoot session and all, too) the merchandise was almost all gone by the time me and Niko entered. Ah, well~ We get to save up money then, ahahaha.

This was the stage for A9:
Me and Niko after the live!
Anyhow here's the setlist for A9's Supernova Symphonia at Singapore ^^

Alice Nine Singapore TOUR 2014 [Supernova Symphonia] Set List 

SE Prelude-resolution-
  2. プラマイ 
  3. SEVEN 
  4. Kiss twice, kiss me deadly MC 
  6. KID 
  7. 九龍 
  8. from KURAYAMI 
  9. Daybreak MC 
  10. メビウス 
  11. shooting star 
  12. FANTASY 
  13. ブループラネット 
  14. ヴェルベット 
  15. 百花繚乱 
  16. 開戦前夜

  17. 春夏秋冬 
  18. the beautiful name

Not much of a live report person but. The live was great! And I'm really not just saying this just because. It was really, really great. Alice Nine commanded such presence on stage and oh god, the men were so beautiful/charming/handsome/adorable in person. I don't even know who is my favourite! Each time I think I prefer this member more, another member's antics convince me otherwise ;~;;; 

There were alot of fanservice too, which surprised me! Chris (voxteiru) told me before the live that A9 has lessened their fanservice greatly in recent years, so I wasn't expecting much, really, but then!!!!!! The whole live to me was like, 90% fanservice lmao lmao. There was so much kissing going on; Hiroto kissed Shou on the cheek. Tora basically licked Hiroto's face. And there was a ToraSaga kiss too, so. <3

Shou is really, really such a great singer. His voice sounded incredible live! Hearing them live also made me feel alot of things ;~; It's always so incredible to see these jrock bands in person because when you listen to their music, they always feel so far away and dreamy and not real! But here they were, performing in front of me, and I tried to sing to as much songs of theirs as I could <3~ Shou really tried to engage the audience alot and it was so fun singing with him.

We were also soooo surprised when BLUE PLANET started playing! It was one of the first few songs I heard from them, back in 2009, and it was one of the many things Niko and I bonded over ahaha. It was so nostalgic and like a blast to the past. It was so bittersweet.

Also, I basically fell in love with Nao (he's the cutest, I swear omfg) when he grabbed the microphone, swung it sideways rock star mode, and said "U GUYS... MY HEART CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. MY HEART CANNOT CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMOOORE!!!!!" ;~;;;; NAAAAOOOO!!!!

I screamed my heart out I lost my voice basically halfway through the live. I amazed myself, considering I didn't think I was very into A9 before XDD;; but I guess you lose yourself in the moment of the live when the music is so great and the members are so fantastic ;~;;; I love the feel. Missed this feeling of concert lives + furi + AN-KO-RE so much.

Also, lololol side note but Saga reminded me of Uru with him wearing a white blouse and having it unbuttoned and the way he played his guitar hnnngh Really got the Uru feel!!!! Tora on the other hand reminded me of Aoi -___- I don't know why. Dressing and his funny antics maybe? Plus he was kissing so many people lol <3 And drinking alot and spitting out water ahahaha~

I died when Shou said "WE ARE COME BACK!!!" lmao lmao I love their engrish so much! So endearing. <3333 

A9 also showcased the banner that the Singapore A9 fanclub (which Chris also participated in, so I was very happy for her) on stage and made many happy comments about it! It was great <3 

Aaaah, my comments are endless. The songs were played wonderfully and they had such show presence.

They had cameras there filming us fans too, so I expect they'll release a DVD of some sort.

It's late, I'm going to sleep <3~