Monday, 8 September 2014

Bite-sized updates.

I'll be staying over at Sarah's chalet with the RPG group tomorrow night <3

I'll also be attending the Japanese students interaction thing tomorrow~ Hope I don't embarrass myself. Busy day tomorrow ;~;;

Just did my nails, I wanted to make them silver with glitter but I ran out of silver nail polish~ So I made them pink instead. I'm disappointed in my choices I thought I was more punk rock than this, lolol. Flashback to past me where I was all girly and bimbotic <3

Also, painting my nails after a very long time just reminded me why I hate painting nails lol. I always make such a mess :/

O.P.I Pink + Glitter nails against my Hello Kitty bling phone case!
I tried waxing my legs for the first time today with Veet Waxing Strips, but despite the good reviews I saw that they had online, they didn't work very well for me >< I ended up having to shave my legs again and accidentally cut myself because the wax wouldn't remove properly. I now have a band-aid on my leh boohoo :(

Here's a quick selfie from me, anyway ahahaha

I got these two beanies a week back! ^^ To add to my beanie collection~

I love wearing beanies lately, they help me cover my black roots lol :/ I don't wanna dye my hair just yet~ Might try going for a more violet-ish red next time round! Perhaps sometime in october :D

Anyway, hopefully my next blog post will be with more photos and things to say.

Till next time <3

Friday, 5 September 2014

Just a quick update since I'm organising my closet.

I'm organising my clothes and finally hanging up my recent purchases and here are a few photos of my Black Moral shirts & hoodies <3

I splurged on a some gazette merch today so hopefully I'll be receiving them in the mail soon! I'll update with new photos of my BM collection when I get them~

I'm such a bandwhore @___@