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Japan Trip 07 Mar '15 - 14 Mar '15: First Day

Hi! I'm such a lazy blogger, but I figured I would blog at least about my Japan trip, since I have a tooon of photos to share and I want to jot it all down when I can remember it the clearest. I'm a week late since I've started my work/internship, but meehhhh hopefully not too late!

So my one of my closest friends ever online, Mitti (you know her as Mittilla online/in this fandom), and I have been planning this lil trip for just over a year. At first we were trying to make it for the GazettE's Pulse Wriggling to Dim Scene lives in 2014, but both of us had school commitments at the time and couldn't make it. That was a real shame bc they played most of my favourite songs there and I was soooo sore I missed it. Then we discussed about Groan of Venomous Cell lives but that didn't fall nicely within our calendar either. Obviously, we all knew when GazettE's 13th anniversary would be, and we decided we'd just make it for the anniversary live in 2015 -- although we so badly wanted to attend the HERESY lives, too. But, well!

So towards the end of December we got most of the trip confirmed, I booked my plane tickets, bought the concert tickets, and I think for the next two months we just didn't do anything lol. Mitti was busy preparing her Aoi Zetsu cosplay to take with her to the live, and uh. We just focused on our lives, that's it. XD And kept counting down.

I was so happy to be able to arrange a meet-up and stay-over with Benj, another gaze online friend of mine (because the last time I saw her was in 2013 the GazettE's MELT live and that was soooo long ago!) and we had a ton of fun! Over the trip me and Mitti also spent alot of time with our friends, Chris and Jenny, and they'll be talked a lot about in the other blog posts, I'm sure.

For now, I'll be talking about what I did for the first day, I guess! :D

To prepare for my trip, I actually dyed my hair back to black + bleached 1/4 of my bangs lol. So from this, long af brown hair I had >>>> it became shorter, black, and bleached bangs ehehehe I got inspired from rinrindoll (an Angelic Pretty model)'s hair! :D

The pink dress OOTD photo was of me in Hong Kong, by the way. I went to Hong Kong just two weeks before Tokyo, I think. It was fun, but we'll leave another time to talk about that~

Here was some of the clothes I packed for Tokyo!

Clearly, a gazette fangirl...

On 7th March, I touched down in Narita airport. I reached around 2.30pm, and had made plans to meet Benj at the train station near her house so I could leave my luggage there lol.

This was me when I was still at the Singapore airport~

Once I reached the Narita airport, I went to grab my PASMO card and my Keisei Skyliner ticket to Nippori! It was my first time taking the Keisei Skyliner from Narita to Tokyo, so it was kinda exciting. It's very big & comfy, and you can store your luggage at the back!

The other times I came to Japan, I heard of PASMO & Suica but never thought of getting them. This time I'm sooo glad I got them! They came in really handy and are sooo much better than buying a train ticket each time you wanna go somewhere -__-

Very soon, I met Benj at her train station, and it was soooo good to see her again! In fact to me she's even prettier than I last remembered her-- but then again, I have the worst memory, lol. So we went to her apartment, left my luggage there, chit-chatted a lil, then had to make it in time for Lindsey Sterling's concert at Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi Hills! (If you don't know who Lindsey is, youtube her. She's a really talented violinist!) The concert started at 6 in the evening, I think? And we were late. We were laaate. XD

Taking the subway lalala mooore selfies!!!

Even though I've been to Tokyo three times prior to this trip, I had never explored Roppongi or Ginza before! So I was definitely excited to explore this part of Tokyo. I never had any reason to go to Roppongi or Ginza, sooo. They're more for working adults and are all branded goods like Dior, Chanel, etc? Well, places my parents would like, not me lol. (sticks to Shibuya & Harajuku >>)

We reached Roppongi around like, 6.30pm. XD I looked at Benj halfway our subway journey and was like, "HOLD UP. What time does the concert start?" <-- me who clearly had no idea about the concert details at all. And Benj casually replied, "Uh. 6?" And my face was like--- "....... WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE and you're so chill about all of this oMG" XD

Seriously, though. The walk from the train station was so far, and we had to walk up a high hill, I almost died. I was wearing my new high-heeled boots too T___T And Benj was wearing her Dr Martens, lol. Still, the walk to the concert was worth it! Lindsey Sterling was sooooooo good!

We got such good seats too. Row 5, by the way!

I'm emb-ing a new song of hers here so you guys can check it out. If you like what you hear, hopefully you can support her by attending one of her lives if possible *A*

So then we explored Roppongi a little! Here are some photos bc I'm too lazy to say anything lol. But the photos speak a thousand words, so. XD They're great!

View of Tokyo skytree from here!
After exploring a bit of Roppongi, we went to Ginza because we had made a prior dinner reservation at an Alice in Wonderland restaurant! Japan has a lot of themed restaurants, and Alice in Wonderland is just one of them. They have a TON of Alice in Wonderland restaurants, from Shibuya to Shinjuku to everywhere, but we chose the Ginza one because we thought the decor looked nice, hahaha.

And sooo, we explored Ginza a little~ (And got kinda lost on our way to the Alice in Wonderland restaurant lol, thank god for Google maps)

I have never seen a Uniqlo bigger than this. Ever. The WHOLE building is Uniqlo!!!

At long last we finally found the Alice in Wonderland restaurant >>

It was hiding in a tall building, and was on one of the levels! Once you step out of the lift, you see this:

We were soon served to our seat! I think because we made a reservation, we actually got a really good seat in a teacup! It's so pretty ;a; Plus, there was a mirror for us to camwhore at, so hey.

The interior was so cool ;a;

The waitresses and waiters were so cute too! They were dressed in Alice costumes and Mad hatter outfits. Upon sitting down, we were given a basket of head accessories to choose from (bunny ears, mad hats etc.) So of couuurse, it's the perfect opportunity to camwhore <3

We were given this box, along with our menus, at the same time :O I have no idea what this thing is? Some box to look pretty XD The waitress (dressed as Alice) even encouraged us to take photos of it! So we did :3

This was our table set-up! Soooo cute T__T

Our food soon came and um. We were too busy taking photos first to eat XD

We ordered a 5-course meal, and oh gosh, it was sooo filling. The food is OK for its presentation, but me and Benj both agreed it's not the best, lol. If you only want to come in for the environment and decor, it's totally worth it. SOO many things to take photos of. XD And the experience, too! The servers are all so cute. Food, on the other hand... Hmm. XD A 2/5, maybe?

Salad to start off our course!
Small slices of pizza next~
Cheshire cat passtaaaa!
Dessert to finish off the meal :)
Lol, the toilet was sooo cute too. I had to take a photo of it when I was inside!

I embed three instagram videos for you to get a feel of how it's like in the restaurant! :)
A video posted by Mokmok ♛ (@sweetlolixo) on

A video posted by Mokmok ♛ (@sweetlolixo) on
And then when we left the restaurant, it started raining T____T Drizzling, but still >>

We made our way back to Benj's apartment and stayed up watching TV/talking until we fell asleep, lol. And all of this took place in ONE day XD The day I flew in too. I was so tired. But it was sooo fun!

And I was so happy to have met Benj again after so long :)

I'll be blogging about Day two in another post!

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