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Taobao Review (Chokers, garters, accessories, hair extensions, holographic skirt)


It's been a long time since I last posted here, and a looot of things have happened, but I just wanted to come back on here to do a little Taobao review. I wanted to do one since I know how important these things are (store recommendations etc) since before buying anything I'm ALLWAAYYSS googling store recommendations, but there are so little. So here are my two cents on whatever I feel is important.

I'm not sure how many people who read this review will be from Singapore, but if you are, you'd find out that buying through Taobao is suuupeerrr easy. Most of the times you never even have to talk to the sellers and communicate in Chinese if that's something you're uncomfortable with, but for some reason the two times I have bought things on Taobao I talked to the sellers lol. It was either to address some shipping delay problem, or to solve some other problem. But no worries because the Chinese sellers are all extreemeellyyy niiice! They feel really apologetic when you encounter a problem whilst buying from them.

Here is the guide I use to buy from Taobao: here

There are many Taobao guides floating around on the web, but I thought that was the most comprehensive and easiest to understand for me. I'm not going to go much into detail how this whole shipping thing works, because I think it's very straightforward and you can google a thousand other reviews about it.

Personally I always choose 4px to ship all my Taobao items to me. They charge by 0.5kg and they fly your package by air. After paying, they ship it the day after, and you usually get your package in 3 days. Right now it's the Chinese New Year season, so a lot of packages are getting delayed. Mine would have not been sent out on time too, had I not messaged the 4px customer service and told them to hurry up lol. They will prioritise your package if you say a few things to them. (Why do I sound mean, I'm not! I just wanted my package quickly lol.)

Anyway, on to my loot. Here is what I have received just yesterday:

Chokers, garters, accessories, hair extensions, holographic skirt, temporary tattoos, clothes

I ordered about 33+++ items, though they're all in the form of accessories so it doesn't look a lot. As you can see, I ordered quite a bit of chokers and garters! They were actually the main reason I wanted to buy things from Taobao this time.

Whatever I buy I do a ton of research and I never buy anything more than 12 SGD, I think, lol. I'm crazy cheap. You can trust me!

Let me go through my items shop by shop. :)

For most of my garters, I bought them from this shop called New Best Love. All of their items are handmade, but I have a feeling the owner made a lot of them before hand and that's why the stocks are able to be shipped so fast. I think I read briefly from their description that the owner bought a couple of designs from overseas (by this she probably meant creepyyeha's famous heart chokers and garters since she used their photos) and she brought them home to mimic the designs.

They have many colors available (even a holographic one!),  and you can even choose whether you want the studs to be spiky or not. You can also choose what clips you want, such as metal ones, duck-billed ones, etc. One garter is sold at a reduced price (for now) of 37.50 RMB. This actually converts to about 8 SGD.

I bought only the black ones.

Basically the items I bought were these (I will link them later):

I cannot express my love for all these items! I had a good feeling about this shop even before receiving the items - I'm a huge review-reader junkie, so that means I will read most reviews, especially all those with photos. 

So here are the photos of the package they shipped to me:

They packaged their items in the form of this small box! So cute.

They actually apologise for a long waiting time, even though when I paid for my items they literally shipped my items out the NEXT day, lol. Amazing. I am suuuper pleased with their service!

The heart shaped & spiky garters I got!
I am sooo happy with their items as well! There were reviews left from customers saying that the items were made of real leather, and I don't know if that is true (considering the price is so affordable!), but boooyyy the leather material feels real enough for me to believe it is lol

I tried them on and they're adjustable, they look so great on my thiiigh! Lol, is that a weird thing to say? No photos for now. I'll probably wear them when I'm fully dressed up and show some photos then.

I've always wanted these cute heart shaped styled garters ever since I saw creepyyeha's designs, but her prices are soo... well, she makes them by hand, so I understand the high pricing. I'm not that rich to be able to afford like, 50 bucks for a garter though! So Taobao is selling crazy good quality for such a cheap price. I'm happy!

Items bought - Here, Here, and Here
Shipping ♥♥♥♥♥
Quality of items♥♥♥♥♥

Moving on to my next garter purchase!

I bought them from this shop called Her Miracle.

I was abit skeptical about buying from this shop, because its reviews are considerably less than New Best Love, and there were a few bad reviews too, lol. It's largely okay though. I decided to just get 2 garters from this place, since its prices were considerably less than NBL as well.

Unlike NBL though, I actually had some problems with this one. This shop's items were the last to arrive (I was patient and waited 7 full days!) before I had to message the seller and ask her to check the post and see if there were some problems, since China items usually take only 1-3 days to ship from one province to another.

She checked, apologised and said they might have lost the parcel. So she re-sent the items, but she was super nice about it.

There were a few other reviews that said they had also run into some trouble with shipping, and that the seller kindly helped them with it. I'm guessing the postal service the owner of this shop uses really sucks lol.

Anyway, I ordered this:

As you can see, it's 20 RMB for this cross garter I bought. That's about 4 SGD.

I wasn't sure about the quality, but I got seduced by these sample photos:

They look sooo good on the girl! I had to get it lol.

Another item I bought was this:

Mann this one I was REALY skeptical about. There were 1 or 2 negative reviews left on this one. But I really liked the purple flowers and wanted to just give it a try, they cost a few bucks after all.

I received the items in this nice box.

She gave me extra flowers incase mine fell off lol. That's considerate!

She also gave me a free plush hello kitty keychain, which was probably because my shipment ran into some trouble. Judging from reviews, she only gives free gifts to people she seems close to? Hahaha.

Here are the items!

As you can see, the cross shaped garter was pretty accurate to its photo. I love it!

The purple flowered garter, however... lol. The flowers are soo big! They used only 2 smaller flowers, and the main two flowers are much bigger. I don't think they look good :( I wanted a consistent size throughout. If they wanted to use big flowers then use it all the way lol. The flowers looked oddly placed as well. The flowers in the sample photo given looked medium-sized.

At the end of the day I tried it on and it still looked OK on me, so I guess if I didn't have expectations for it, I might actually like it so much more. But well, I think the flowers could have been chosen better. Really.

Items bought - Here and Here
Shipping ♥♥
Quality of items - ♥♥♥
Service - ♥♥♥♥♥
Price - ♥♥♥♥♥

Here is a nice photo of the chokers/garters I bought because... aesthetic haha.

Moving on.

I bought quite a bunch of items from this store called fantasycat. They sell alot of Korean and Japanese accessories, and they're more of the accessory side. They sell things like towels and boxers too, lol. It's cute.

Paid for the items and they shipped the next day.

I got these items (some of them are gifts for people!):

Devil horns

Cute cards (0.20 SGD each)
Heart chokers

Temporary tattoos (I got about 4 sheets)

Cute hairclips (I got only the dolphin ones)

Skeleton hand hair ties. The yellow ones glow in the dark!

Hair chalk

Tattoo chokers (they sell them in rainbow colored versions too)

When I got to opening their package, I even thought someone must have made a mistake and forgot to place any item inside the box. Because the box was SOOO light! I was in disbelief. All the items were so light. 

One thing to note about this shop - they give you free shipping if you buy 20 items or more, which I think is super valuable for money. Their items are very small and very cheap each, but you have to look at each item's reviews to see which ones are value for money. I wanted to get some nice flower crowns and flower hair clips, but their reviews under those items were rather angry and the customers complained they were of cheap quality.

The items I bought didn't have those kind of reviews, so I assumed it was OK. And they are OK!

Here are the items:

I also wanted to get tattoo chokers because I haven't gotten any. Even though I'm such a choker junkie! I'm a disgrace. Lol. The chokers were cheap too.

Oh! I was super nervous about the quality of the heart shaped choker. There were reviews saying it was abit too big. When I opened the package, I immediately tried them on. They're fine! I always wear my choker a bit loose because even though I love chokers, I always feel like they're strangling my neck LOL. And I do not want to die by the means of a fashion accessory. 

The material just feels like fake leather (which is fine). And it is  very easily adjustable from the back. Shops that specialise in selling chokers and garters like New Best Love or Her Miracle also sell these heart chokers, but I went with fantasycat since they had a cheaper price and uhhh I was buying so many items from them anyway.

The heart choker's size is more accurate to this photo:

Shipping ♥♥
Quality of items - ♥♥♥
Service - ♥♥♥♥♥
Price - ♥♥♥♥♥

Moving on to my next buy.

I bought this holographic skirt from this random shop (it had quite little people buying from it, but not every shop on Taobao can be famous. If you buy from shops that have little reviews, just read the reviews and pray for the best lol)

They cost around 11 SGD, probably my most expensive buy of this whole Taobao loot. LOL Told you I'm cheap.

I was actually not expecting anything from this one, because I had a feeling I would get disappointed by the quality. They gave a lot of sample photos and it looked sooo good on the models though. But I mean, Chinese sellers sometimes dump a whole lot of nice photos but the items they send you look nothing like what the photos show lol.


Can you see how shiny it is already?! It's gorgeous! 



I am very very pleased with this buy hahaha. I can't wait to wear it out!

Items bought - holographic skirt
Shipping ♥♥♥ (because they only shipped it 2 days after I paid)
Quality of items - ♥♥♥
Service - ♥♥♥♥
Price - ♥♥♥♥♥

I bought 3 lipsticks from this seller

They had a buy 2 get 1 free offer going on, so it was rather value for money! I haven't tried them on yet, so I can't say much.

Here are the lipsticks:

The packaging is very cute. And kind of surprised it's an imported Korean product! I thought I would be getting lipstick made of really cheap quality.

One lipstick cost around 5 SGD, so overall I paid 10 SGD for 3 lipsticks. I think it was worth it~

Items bought - here
Shipping ♥♥ 
Quality of items - Unable to rate yet
Service - ♥♥♥♥
Price - ♥♥♥♥♥

Moving on. I bought a crop top from here.

Lol I really have nothing to talk about for this. I just needed a white cropped top so I just bought one lol. It's 3 bucks. Fast shipping, was one of the first few items that reached actually. It looks like its picture. Its a white cropped top. Nothing can go wrong with this one haha.

Also bought some fishnet tights from here

Ehh nothing much to say either. Shipping was moderately fast.

To my last purchases of the day, clip-on hair extensions from here.

SUUUPER mad and disappointed about this one! They had such good reviews. I feel cheated.

These were the color extensions I bought:

These were the colors I received:


They didn't even send me the blue colored ones I wanted! They sent me green!!!!! Is this because they saw my Singapore address and thought there was no way I was going to file a complaint/demand a refund?!?!?! Angry face.

The only colors that were true to their color was blonde. They look good on my hair lol. I haven't tried the other ones yet.

I'm not as bummed out about this though. Because the extensions were crazy cheap. 1 RMB for one extension. That's SGD 20 cents lol.

Whatever, I knew what I was getting into when buying hair extensions online that were so cheap anyway. They always lie!!!!!


I think that is it for the whole review!

I highly recommend to buy accessories from Taobao, and fashion items (you just have to be lucky with your pick) but hair extensions are a no-no LMAO. I did a ton of research on the shops selling hair extensions but I was still failed. I am upset.

But yes, I highly recommend the chokers/garters shops I listed :)

Altogether my items to Singapore shipping only cost around 14 SGD I think. Crazy cheap! Look at the amount of items I bought! :O

That's it for now~ If you have any questions on where/how to shop on Taobao you can ask me hahaha.

I'll update this blog with another post about my life when I can be bothered to lololol.

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