Thursday, 23 October 2014

#ootd today and random thoughts~

So after yesterday's public holiday where mum brought me out for a facial, today I had to go for classes again. Mum called for a cab this morning to go to work and asked if I wanted to join her. I decided to since I really dislike bus/train journeys, lol.

So I got to school and well, today's classes went okay, I guess. I got to see most of 6/7 group during lunch again and it was so nice to just laugh and joke around with them like before. Had pasta with Beth ehehehe

And also managed to snap my #ootd :)

I wore out my melt wack shirt today~ also lately I've been getting really into knee high socks, lol.

Audrey asked me to take my #ootd in front of the vending machine because it was more retro/hipster/vintage that way -__- I wanted to take it at the grass at first, whoops.

Had Advert and Digital Media Design class today which was interesting. The Advert teacher had the same color of hair as me and it amused me so much lol she dressed like she was really into Japanese harajuku fashion too lmao.

Settled groupings for class and I hope all goes well for the semester~ I'm just glad I got no problematic group member this time round :) And avoided the horrible-as-groupmates classmates that I wanted to avoid, ahahah.

I had so much fun on the long bus ride with Audrey and Amelia home today, lol.

We came up with a little stuff for our 7-persons clique, lol.

The 7 Sins
  1. Greed - Amelia. 'cause she wants to be happy/free/etc ((aiya she needs a tragic backstory ok))
  2. Gluttony - Beth. 'cause she constantly whines about food lol
  3. Lust - Meeee! ahahahaha no explanation needed <3 okay, fine, well. I'm not exactly the most innocent girl on the block~
  4. Wrath - Rebecca. 'cause she hates everyone lol ((did i mention that the first time she saw me when i cheerfully said hi to her, she said she thought to herself"goddammit this bitch again"))
  5. Sloth - Audrey. 'cause.... HOBO.
  6. Envy - Kylie. 'cause.... i have no idea why either
  7. Pride - Sarah. 'cause it suits her personality lol
and also -- The 7 Colors of the Rainbow

  1. Red - Me!!!!! Cause it's the closest color to pink
  2. Indigo - Rebecca. cause it's the closest color to black lol
  3. Purple - Audrey. cause that's Aud's fav color -__-
  4. Blue - Kylie. cause thats her fav color too lol
  5. Green - Beth. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.
  6. Yellow - Amelia. cause that was the last color choice left and it suits her anyway lol
hahaha so interesting, riiight. I'm jotting this down because it's so cute!

the bus ride home was so funny lol we talked and laughed until our sides started to hurt. also we were sitting at the back of the bus and so the engine was running and it heated up our seats and -- our thighs were burning because our seats felt like they were on fire lol. Audrey likened us to chicken wings being cooked in the oven. Amelia somehow became chicken. I am beef. and Audrey is pork. I have no idea what sense we were making but yeaaah, we clearly lost our minds there ahahaha

I ended up missing my bus after I dropped off at my usual bus stop to transfer bus and so I decided to get some dinner while I walked to the bus interchange (just less than 5 minutes away) lol. And I got Shihlin for dinner! yuuuum. So happy about it.

All in all this was a good way to end my school week. No classes on Friday and I get to enjoy a ~slightly longer weekend. :)

Side note: I can't wait for Taylor Swift to release her new album 1989!!! aaaah I'm counting down for it. I love her music so much~

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

First + Second Day of School~


Let's start from yesterday's events. Aka the first day of school. Aka um the worst Mondays ever. Lectures start from 9am to 3pm and I have TV Production class from 3pm to 6pm. I was so deadbeat by the end of the day I did nothing but come home and just fall asleep.

On Monday Dad was flying off in the morning so he had to drive me and mum to school/work even earlier than usual. That meant waking up at 6am. Despite my class only starting at 9am. I reached school at 7am in a sleepy mess lol.

Also, I wanted to wear my red checkered skirt out. Thus happened this outfit.

Ummm I may have overdone it a little and ended up looking like some schoolgirl. I'm sorry. Oops.

I took a photo with Audrey who was a little matchy with me!

Me and Audrey!

I'm so sad we're in different classes this semester. I miss her tons :( I'm so glad that I get to at least see her and the rest of RPG group in lectures, though~ Class is a little strange and awkward still, especially without my closest friends beside me, but I believe it'll get better in time to come~

So, lectures were a bore, with the exception of DMD (Digital Media Design) where the lecturer Mr David kept making painful jokes and it was just funny to watch lol. The rest of the lecturers were blah. I hope I change my mind soon :/ I really, really preferred last semester's teachers. Ugh.

TV Production's teacher was nice and friendly. I feel like TV Production may have a high chance of becoming my favourite module~ If DMD doesn't become it, first, lol. I'm sad that Tv Prod lessons are the last 3 hours of my long Mondays though -___- I would love to be more enthusiastic for lessons but I'm so tired by the end of the day I can barely function. Everybody was just waiting to go home by the time TV Prod came around :/

I went home, ate, washed up, and went to bed immediately. I had to wake up at 7+ am the next morning, afterall.

So on the second day (which is today) disaster struck. I was packing my bag when I realised my wallet was nowhere in sight. I freaked out and whatsapped my friends but ugh. I ended up taking the bus/train/bus to school and I spent the whole day looking for it. I couldn't. Halfway through lessons I was practically on the verge of crying -__- I was so mad at myself and so upset at the same time. I had my debit card, considerable amount of cash in it and my school pass. Uuuugh. Plus the wallet was my black moral wallet from the MMB tour :/ 

It's not like I had more important things, such as my IC or my main ATM card in it, but I'm still so mad.

I would have taken an ootd today but I couldn't be arsed lol. Too upset. 

I also saw Mr Harry during lunch time and he called out to me and chatted a little about school ;~;;; Seeing his face just made me miss radio lessons so much more. They were so much more fun (although stressful) and I had people I loved beside me T___T Plus him always teasing me about my flower crown ;~;;; Aaaaa I just miss last semester so much. Mr Harry even asked if I dyed my hair again since my previous hair color was red, lol. I told him no, my red hair just faded ahahaha.

Basically, the only good thing to come out of today was that the new black moral shirt I bought finally arrived!

My new Black Moral tank top!
This was the cutie that I bought just last week! :) I really should tame my black moral purchases, but this was too cute to resist. It must be from an old era because I can't put a name to it (googling didn't help much either) but meh. It looks so great <3 I can't wait to wear it out!

That's it for the past two days, tomorrow is a public holiday (thank god) so mum is bringing me out for a facial~

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pretty Japanese Lingerie ♡ + Updates over the Holidays

Wow. Okay. I haven't updated this blog in ages. I got lazy over the holidays, sorry T___T

So. Just gonna do a quick update.

Went out today & got some pretty lingerie! I'm so happy ;~;;; It's from Rosebullet (313 Somerset/Orchard Central outlet) and I was so surprised to see that they had a lingerie section! I definitely had to get myself a pair~

So pretty! I couldn't decide between the pink color or the turquoise color at first, but I already had pink colored lingerie back at home & I hadn't had one this color yet. This pastel turquoise color reminds me of the ocean & the sea & mermaids & just... everything peaceful and sweet and calm and -- aaaah. I'm so in love! The panties are beyond adorable. They're so thin and have hint of frills and aaaa. The lace is so pretty.

I'm in love~ I can now pretend to be a mermaid.

Here's a (rather sad) selfie from me, lmao. Some plans of mine that would have been happening really soon just got set back and I'm still really upset about it. At the end of the day, they're just superficial plans, but they made me so happy just thinking about it. It didn't help that my best friend was in on it too, and needless to say I felt so bad disappointing her. I miss her so much.

I went out with Hannah yesterday to catch Annabelle (the horror movie) -- it was... well. I expected more because my other friends who had already watched it said it was scary as heck, but it turned out to be quite okay. Me and Hannah were acting like pussies though, lmao. Hiding behind her jacket and screaming/crying out at every jumpscare. We're hopeless.

Check out Hannah's new rad pink hair!
We got to eat Swensons and catch up, so there's that. I missed her so much. Also it seems she's been pretty flirty and drunk lately, hmmm. Haaannnaaaahhhh. Stop flirting with boys ah ahahaha

This was what I wore out to meet her --

BlackMoral MELT shirt + Leather H&M skirt + BM Decade Scrunchie!
Over the holidays (other than going back to school for silly workshops with my poly friends about career & university preparations) I also got to catch up with my other friends that I haven't seen in so long! Other than Niko, I see her alot. Ahahaha.
Jo, Me, Cheryl, Niko!
We just sat there, ate Mcdonalds takeaway, and watched funny Korean variety shows. It was fun.

Um. More selfies from me~

Been bothering to put on more eyeliner lately. It makes me feel pretty, so there's no harm~

So! Remember I talked about showing the Japanese students from Tokyo around? That was pretty fun! And ridiculous -- it made me realise how poor my Japanese was ahaha.

This was my outfit for that day! I decided to take out a tote bag from a Japanese magazine & hang my pink BM bear on it. I think it matched pretty well~
Me and the Japanese students! With Hanna and Niko who were there with me to guide them :)
Hanna, me, Niko!

After the Japanese interaction, I went off to Changi to attend Sarah's chalet (and stay over) with the rest of rpg group :D Here's a polaroid of us at the chalet!

I was the first one to fall asleep -- but in my defence, I had had a long day all the way from 9am, and also the rest stayed up watching movies until 4-5am? And I was soooo dead beat. T___T

On 24th September it was my mum's birthday so my dad brought me and my mum out to do some facial and manicure :) Here are my nails (and they are still perfectly intact now! Gel nails are amazing)

Did Gel nails for the first time! They're more silver than blue in real life.

I was also so happy and surprised to receive a lovely postcard from Marielle all the way from her new place at Colardo Springs! She's always so thoughtful and always thinking of me, I love her so much.

I just wish I could meet her again soon. Uuuugh. She recently also got married, I'm so happy for her! <3

Alright, that's it for my uninteresting & boring life. I spend most of my days watching tv dramas & re-reading SnK & Kuro & fanfiction ahahaha.

See you next time~ School is starting again next week (more approximately 2 days) and I'm not looking forward to it. :(

Black Moral Collection Updates

I did say I was going to receive more BlackMoral in the mail! :D Sorry for the slow update, I've already received these in the mail over a month ago and I'm only updating now -___-

MELT shirt + 2 シュシュ hair tie scrunchies + BM ギレ heterodoxy gilet & venomous cell boston bag
I'm really happy with them! I've wanted the VC bag for a considerable amount of time (I deliberated a looong time because I wasn't sure) but I got it anyway. It's so pretty with the print! Even if I don't want it, I'll just sell it off to a better owner~ It's very big and useful! Good for taking to lives~

I don't like tying my hair up, but I like using scrunchies as bracelets around my wrist. The BM scrunchies are too cute! I love them. I think they're from the Decade? :)

I wasn't too sure if I should get the gilet - it's not anything flashy, just pure black gilet with blackmoral as the tag - but they were being sold at a discounted price (they're usually more expensive) and I've always liked the gilet fashion.

The MELT shirt was another nice one to add to my shirt collection~

BlackMoral T-shirt collection so far:

Not going to bother listing out each T-Shirt's era/tour because it'd be quite a mouthful... and I already provided some of that in this other post, anyway.

Updated BlackMoral bags/wallets/accessories/towels
Um. I wonder if it's a good time to say that I just recently bought another old BM shirt online -__- .......Yes my addiction needs to be fixed. :~D I love it! When I receive it I'll defo post pics.

I should have a definite tag on my blog or something for all my black moral updates -___-

Also, recently HERESY sent me a gift for my membership renewal :)

HERESY's gift to members who renewed their membership! A the GazettE ticket holder!
Of course my first additions would be MELT's tickets :)
I hope I can add more tickets to this collection soon~ <3